Establishment of an English Medium School and College for the civil and military human capital of Savar Area was a long felt need. Quality education for the children can empower pupils to be life long learners, improve quality of life and shape the destiny of the nation. With this understanding, Bangladesh Army came forward to fulfilling the need of the society and thus Morning Glory School and College (MGSC) came into being on August 28, 1999 in Savar Cantonment. Green campus, committed academic mentors, caring staffs and congenial teaching-learning environment are the uniqueness of this institution.


Learn Today – Lead Tomorrow


MGSC will emerge as a leading academic institution through need-based education with global perspective.


To develop human capital through need-based education to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world.


  • To become a leading English Medium School and College in Dhaka followed by the same in Bangladesh.
  • To promote knowledge through quality education.
  • To promote leadership and civil-military relationship.
  • To provide the best possible academic atmosphere.
  • To preserve the spirit of national culture, heritage and traditions.
  • To facilitate education in English medium.

Core Values

  • Commitment: Strong commitment to be a good human being and true global citizen.
  • Self Confidence: Confidence of participation and pursuance for broader horizons.
  • Respect: Highest level of respect towards the national culture, heritage, traditions and the institution.
  • Excellence: Excellence in achievements through the best use of talents, time and resources.
  • Discipline: Strict discipline in all spheres.